Apple tipped to launch Vision Pro globally — here's which countries may get it first

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The Apple Vision Pro headset is reportedly being prepped for a global launch that will allow customers outside the U.S. to get their hands on it for the first time. And, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, that could happen as soon as next month after the Worldwide Developer's Conference in Cupertino.

The $3,499 spatial computing headset has seen some specialist use outside North America (like when surgeons in London used it during a spinal procedure) but everyday Apple fans worldwide haven't been able to hand over a sizeable amount of cash to take one home themselves.

Gurman reports Apple has flown "hundreds of employees from its international stores" over its Cupertino headquarters to train them how to demonstrate the device to potential customers. Currently, a Vision Pro demo at the Apple Store features a range of pre-loaded content and a walkthrough of how to use the device. According to Gurman's sources, the training course for Apple employees lasts up to four days.

Sending the Vision Pro international will likely give the device a sales boost after U.S. demand for the headset appears to be waning. A report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested Apple cut shipments from 700-800k units to just 400k-450k units due to the lacklustre uptake.

The cost is certainly a factor, but other elements like visionOS glitches and the physical effort of wearing a headset for prolonged periods may also play a part.

Which countries are getting Apple Vision Pro first?

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple flew in employees from Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and China for training in Cupertino. The company apparently hasn't revealed which specific locations will get the headset first, this seems like a good indicator. 

It's also the case that CEO Tim Cook told the China Development Forum in Beijing (as per a Reuters report citing state media) that mainland China will get the Apple Vision Pro at some point this year.

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Two notable omissions from the above list are the U.K. and Canada. As a resident of the former, that's somewhat unsettling but previous reports have suggested Britain and Canada will receive the device in the first wave of global rollouts.

It would be very surprising if Apple let WWDC pass without some strong airtime given to Vision Pro and its immediate future. Despite the price tag (and any early issues) I'm still convinced this is a glimpse into the future of what computing will be. We called the spatial computer "a truly amazing product" in our review of it earlier this year and I, for one, am very excited at the prospect of getting my eyes on it if (and when) it comes to London. 

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