Keen to try Aussie Broadband? This rare NBN 100 deal is the perfect excuse

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Finding a good NBN provider that suits your specific household needs can be a tall order – which is why we recommend shopping around for a plan and a provider that'll offer you the best value for your hard-earned cash. Some plans may provide attractive prices, but you'll have to put up with slower download speeds in return. 

Thankfully, it is possible to sign up for a highly reputable ISP and save money while still getting decent speeds, as this top NBN 100 deal from Aussie Broadband (aka ABB) amply proves. 

Owning roughly 8.2% of the Australian NBN market, Aussie Broadband is one of the country's best-known providers and continues to maintain a decades-long reputation for excellent customer service. While it may not have as many customers as its direct competitors — namely Telstra, Optus and TPG — Aussie Broadband has been a long-time favourite for demanding users like gamers and streamers as well as (surprisingly) seniors, as it has a dedicated NBN bundle just for oldies

If you're interested in trying out Aussie Broadband, now may be the right time to switch providers. Typically known for its hefty price tags on its NBN plans, Aussie Broadband's latest promotion has seen the provider slash prices across its top speed tiers, offering maximum savings of AU$120 over the first six months. We haven't seen the telco offer introductory discounts in a while, so now could be a great time to switch to ABB. 

Using the code SWITCH10, ABB's NBN 100 plan is discounted to just AU$85p/m for the first six months — which is pretty good value. Not only does this price reach a considerable low for this speed tier — which averages AU$91.27p/m — but the cost is on par with several NBN 50 offerings, and in turn, provides faster speeds for much less. But you better act fast, however — this offer is only available until 30 April 2024

Aussie Broadband | NBN 100 | Unlimited Data | No lock-in contract | AU$85p/m using code SWITCH10

Aussie Broadband | NBN 100 | Unlimited Data | No lock-in contract | AU$85p/m using code SWITCH10 (for six months, then AU$95p/m)

Aussie Broadband's Fast NBN 100 plan advertises 98Mbps download speeds and 16Mbps uploads during the busy hours of 7pm to 11pm. With savings of AU$60 over the first six months before the price increases, this plan offers great value compared to others on this speed tier. The telco has also received consistently stellar reviews online, with customers praising the extremely helpful and excellent service.

Total minimum cost: AU$85 | Total cost of first 12 months: AU$1,080 | Yearly cost after discount: AU$1,140

While the plan doesn't quite achieve the theoretical maximums of this speed tier, the telco reaches 99.1% of its claimed speeds during all hours, according to ACCC data, which is rather impressive. Only advertising 97Mbps out of a maximum of 100Mbps, this minor discrepancy is unlikely to make a noticeable difference in the real world. If we're being honest, there are almost no circumstances where that will be detectable. However, if for some reason you must have the absolute maximum typical evening speeds possible, then you'll need to look to another provider.

Aussie Broadband also isn't afraid to colour outside the lines compared to other providers – it's the only telco we've found that offers a 75Mbps plan, aka its Value Plus plan. A great alternative for those who are having trouble choosing between an NBN 50 or NBN 100 plan. While we'd recommend giving this NBN 100 deal a whirl first (it's cheaper, for one), once the first 6-month promo period is done, if you're willing to settle for a little less speed, you can freely downgrade to the Value Plus offering. 

It's also worth mentioning that Aussie Broadband's plans don't come with a modem as standard. If you want to add a modem to your plan, it'll cost you AU$179 upfront for a Netcomm NF20Mesh starter unit plus shipping. If you want to set up a mesh Wi-Fi system, you can also select the Netcomm NF20Mesh large pack, which comes with two satellite extenders for AU$429 plus shipping. 

If you're not in the market for a NBN 100 plan, you can check out Aussie Broadband's other NBN options — ranging from NBN 12 to NBN 1000 — in the widget below. 

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