Unreleased Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro appear in the wild — here's how they look

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro earbuds in packaging
(Image credit: Redditor Plastic_Development1)

Samsung hasn't announced the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro yet, but someone has purchased a pair. We expect to see the new earbuds revealed at Samsung's Unpacked event next week on July 10. 

The buds were purchased by Redditor Plastic_Development1, as reported by Android Authority. In response to commentators, the Redditor claimed he bought the new Galaxy Buds 3 Pro at a Walmart.

It appears to confirm the design changes that we've previously seen. There are stems, making the Galaxy Buds more AirPod-esque. However, the stems are more angular than we had guessed based on previous images. 

He also showed off the redesigned case, which features a transparent lid. His images confirm that the buds will come in what looks like a stainless steel silver color. The other expected color will be white.

The Redditor claimed he bought the earbuds for $250, which is $20 more than the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. However, it is the same price as the AirPods. Based on the design and price, Samsung appears to be targeting the AirPod market.

The user said he tested the earbuds on an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Apparently, the buds connected to both phones, though he noted certain features didn't work on the iPhone, such as multi-point connectivity.

He couldn't get any AI features to work with the earbuds. Samsung hasn't officially announced or released them, so it might be due to an update issue causing the AI issues.

They also claimed that the Galaxy Buds were at about 65% battery life after a day of use, which would significantly improve the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. We have seen rumors that the new earbuds are rated for six hours with ANC enabled and seven hours with ANC off.

With Samsung's Unpacked event right around the corner, we expect a few more leaks to crop up between now and then. Keep it here for the latest Samsung news as it happens.

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