VIDEO: iPad 2 Gets "Will It Blend" Treatment

It was bound to happen sooner or later: an iPad 2 serving as the latest victim in the "Will It Blend" video series from Blendtec. The premise should be fairly obvious: shove Apple's new iPad 2 tablet in a blender and see what happens. It's exciting. It's crazy. It's even a little sad to watch this hot, expensive ticket be reduced to a pile of smoking metal and plastic bits.

In a mock press event, the Steve Jobs wanna-be tries to sell the iPad 2 as even more durable than the previous model. If that's not enough, the 10-inch size is just too big to fit within a blender... or so he assumes. Surely the device is safe!

But as Tom Dickson states as he grabs the new tablet, literally breaks it in half over the blender's red base, and shoves it down the chute of death, "I'm gonna make the iPad 2 even more compact."

Oh yes, blend away dear sir.

And super compact it becomes, portable enough to slip into your pocket or down into your shoes for extra padding. Metal and plastic give way to the vicious, spinning blades as they chew through a year's worth of confirmed rumors and speculation. It's the iPad 2 many dreamed about in their sleep, more compact, more durable than ever before. Apparently it's not as durable as the fake Steve Jobs claimed.

When all is said and done, Tom Dickson opens the blender's mouth and waves away the toxic "Apps Smoke" that threatens to drift up into his nostrils. He dumps the heap of iPad 2 carnage on the floor, a depressing mound of ruined technology that suddenly resembles the contents of an overflowing ash tray hitting the carpet. Was that even an iPad 2 in the first place, or merely a fake? Only Blendtec knows.

To see the Apple iPad 2 go up against the spinning blades of death, check out the video below.

Will It Blend iPad 2

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    ....and the point of this is...?......
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    Bill Gates
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    such stupidity