Woman Exposing Her Breasts Highlights Privacy Concerns Of Google Street View

The European Union’s data protection supervisor Peter Hustinx has joined the growing chorus of calls on Google to beware the pitfalls of its street-level photographic mapping service for Google Maps.

He told reporters that Street View should not be allowed to display photos of EU citizens on the site as Google faces problems in the U.S., where it is currently compiling street-level images of 30 cities and has been brought to task and even sued by people ranging from those snapped sunbathing, coming out of a sex shop, falling off their bikes and flashing the cameras.

Google Street View

Google has said that it is currently working on ways to automatically blur the faces of anyone their lenses snap so as to preserve their privacy (and, in some cases, their modesty); though with one couple having sued the company simply because their house was photographed it could become a more troublesome privacy area in the future.

Google Street View

The company has already removed certain street-level photographs at the request of the Pentagon for reasons of national security – photographs outlining approach routes to military and critical instillations, for example.

The idea of street level mapping is welcomed by many drivers however, as it adds another layer to navigation by satellite mapping that is quite useful to many drivers.

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  • Christopher1
    Here's a better idea than deleting or blurring pictures: get over the stupidity that you don't want anyone to see your naked body, see you go into a sex shop, or see your boobs. Basically, reform our stupid sexual morality of today, and stop making like it is 'bad' to be seen going into a sex shop or exposing your body.
    We were BORN NAKED... time to realize there is nothing wrong with being SEEN naked.
  • DXRick
    In the US, the female breast is worshiped by some, feared by many, and you must be at least 17 to see any movie that shows one. Who can forget the horror and outrage that Janet Jackson caused when her breast was exposed during the superbowl halftime show?

    Now we have Girls Gone Wild on Google Street View!!

    The horror. The horror.
  • Anonymous
    Hey Christopher1 -- I'll take an action item and get right on that. Wait, how exactly am I supposed to social and cultural values of millions of people again?

    maybe you should just not worry about it and instead let time take its course. yeah that sounds easier.