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Remote Desktop Turns Your Tablet into Your PC

20 Tips and Tricks for Android "Froyo" Tablets

We’ve all been sprawled on the couch watching TV when you realize you need to do something on your computer but…well you’re too lazy to get up. If that’s the case, then you’re going to love RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). RDP is a networking protocol that allows a computer to be accessed and controlled through the Internet or local area network, basically allowing you to run desktop applications directly from your Android tablet, and the Android Marketplace has more than a few RDP applications to choose from.

Wyse PocketCloud and Remote RDP Lite are the two most popular free RDP solutions. Each has its own advantages, for example, PocketCloud is extremely simple and quick to setup; all you need is your computer’s IP address, username, and password, and PocketCloud takes care of the rest, though it is a little limiting in terms of features and only allows one saved connection at a time for the free version. Remote RDP lets you save as many connections as you like, and offers much more useful resolution settings, very useful when using a large tablet screen; however, you’ll find that the free version does have several features disabled. Still, both offer very capable RDP solutions.

Before allowing RDP connections, some operating systems do need to have remote connections enabled in the system settings. Also, when connecting from the Internet (in other words not through your home network), you will have to configure your router to forward the proper port to the computer you want to connect to, often port 3389 or 3390.

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