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See the future of wearable technology and get reviews of the latest wearables, including smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart glasses.


Fitness tracker bands come in many varieties, but the ‘best’ band is the one that suits your lifestyle. Here are our top picks by category.


Netatmo's stylish bracelet monitors your exposure to harmful sunrays, but only serves alerts if it's connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

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news - OCTOBER 21 0

Cinematic reality could be the next evolution for augmented reality, if startup Magic Leap executes its ambitious plan.

news - OCTOBER 20 5

Sources say Microsoft to unveil fitness band soon; device to include heart-rate monitor, be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

news - OCTOBER 20 1

Fitbit is reportedly entering the fitness smartwatch arena with the Surge, which has GPS tracking and continuous heart monitoring.

news - OCTOBER 17 0

Wearable startup Pivotal puts a subscription model behind fitness, promising a new tracker every year, app updates and a private health community.

news - OCTOBER 16 0

The Black Eyed Peas singer is bringing his Puls smart band to the US via AT&T, but no price or date has been set yet.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

Instead of replacing the recalled Fitbit Force, Fitbit may introduce new Charge and Charge HR wristbands with heart rate monitoring capabilities.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

The Black Eyed Peas singer is about to get it started with the launch of his own smartwatch.

news - OCTOBER 10 0

In a flurry of announcements, Sony revealed its Smartwatch 3 will be joining the flagship Z3v on Verizon with a scheduled release later this month.

news - OCTOBER 8 1

In collaboration with OTOY and Bruce Timm, the 1992 Batcave will soon be reborn for virtual reality headsets.

news - OCTOBER 7 0

TinyScreen is a thumb-sized display with an Arduino processor that you can build into a smartwatch, gaming console or glasses.

news - OCTOBER 7 0

Plastc unites your credit, loyalty and gift cards into one with a built-in e-ink touch screen and chip and pin technology.

news - OCTOBER 6 0

According to an alleged leaked Samsung document, the company's Gear VR headset could arrive this December for around $200.

news - OCTOBER 2 0

The Hexoskin Shirt turns clothes into a giant wearable sensor for tracking fitness progress.

news - OCTOBER 2 0

According to a now-pulled LG developer website, the Korean company is working on a webOS-powered smartwatch.

news - OCTOBER 1 0

The SmartMat lets users track themselves during yoga routines and adjust their posture, balance and alignment

news - OCTOBER 1 1

The Pavlok is a wearable device that delivers a static-like shock to help you get rid of bad habits.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

You can now get the original Pebble watch for $99 and the more premium Steel for $200.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 0

The $199 Basis Peak offers the same fitness tracking capabilities as the older B1, but does so in a thinner design, and adds some smartwatch-like notifications.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 1

This 3D-printed locket contains an NFC chip that, with just a tap, points a smartphone browser to the webpage of a photo you want to share.

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