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See the future of wearable technology and get reviews of the latest wearables, including smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart glasses.


Learn about the best smartwatches available now and find out which watch offers the best pricing, features and design for you.


Motorola’s first smartwatch is the most attractive Android Wear device yet, but it doesn't last long enough on a charge.

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news - SEPTEMBER 11 1

Samsung's rumored Gear Blink headset could arrive in March 2015 to rival Google Glass.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 0

Intel's Edison processing platform spurred some interesting smart clothing designs that light up with emotion.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 1

The first game for Apple's recently announced iWatch will be iArm Wrestle Champs!, a fairly unassuming arm wrestling simulator.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 13

The Apple Watch is a fresh take on smartwatches with a premium design and new ways to communicate, but the interface has a learning curve.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 19

Apple finally took the wraps off the long-awaited Apple Watch. Here's what you need to know about this $349 smartwatch.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 0

The FiLIP 2 brings minor design improvements to a solid, albeit expensive, communicator and tracker for kids.

news - SEPTEMBER 8 4

Inspired by wary women, creator of creates tech to easily boot Google Glass from local Wi-Fi.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 0

The ChipSiP SiME smartglasses arrived at IFA 2014 with a refreshed design that's simultaneously slimmer and more durable.

news - SEPTEMBER 6 0

Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor plugs into rackets and monitors your stats in real-time to help improve your skills at the gentleman's sport.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 0

Sony's SmartEyeGlass could take on Google Glass with augmented reality apps that make life easier.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 0

The LG G Watch R brings sleek style to the Android Wear family with a rounded steel frame.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 0

A new report says HTC has ditched its plans to launch a smartwatch.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

QardioArm is a portable blood pressure monitor that sends detailed health info to your smartphone.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

The Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Earbuds can monitor heart rate accurately across a variety of activities without cumbersome chest straps.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

Apple's rumored smartwatch could support NFC for easier mobile payments and potential pairing with future iPhones.

news - SEPTEMBER 4 0

And you might not want to. Intel's new MICA smart bracelet puts notifications on your wrist for a luxury price tag that will be under $1,000

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

The Sony SmartWatch 3 will have full access to Google's Android Wear apps without sacrificing the aesthetically intriguing Lifelog app.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 0

Sony's Smartband Talk adds calling capabilities and an e-ink display to Sony's flagship fitness band.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 3 1

The Meta M1 is one of the most stylish smartwatches yet and does a nice job with notifications, but it's lacking in features.

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