Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream: Which is the best medium-firm mattress for you?

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid is seen on the left hand side of the image and the Casper Dream is seen on the right hand side of the image: But which should you buy>
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The best medium-firm mattress offers enough support to keep the spine aligned and pressure points relieved whilst still being responsive enough to move around easily and still provide an element of body-hugging comfort. You’ll get this from the Leesa Sapira Hybrid and the Casper Dream, but which is best for your sleep?

Whilst the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a well-established mattress within the brand, the Casper Dream is a relative newcomer. That's because Casper updated it’s entire mattress line earlier this year with the Casper Dream Hybrid replacing the Original Hybrid. If you’re looking for the best mattress that offers not only a medium-firm tension but also comes in at an excellent price point, then both the Leesa Sapira Hybrid and Casper Dream are strong contenders. 

Whilst both of these brands offer regular mattress sales throughout the year, you can save even more money by taking advantage of the current Memorial Day mattress sales. During this Leesa Sapira Hybrid v Casper Dream comparison piece we'll explore the key differences between the two, helping you to decide which one to buy. 


Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress: from $1,349 $944 at Leesa 
The current 30% discount on offer at Leesa is one of the best discounts we’ve seen since Black Friday. There is also an added bonus of a free bedding bundle which includes two pillows and a sheet set when you purchase during this current sale period. A queen size mattress will now cost $1,399 (was $1,999) and for just $112 you can upgrade to the Sapira Chill Hybrid mattress which is perfect for hot sleepers. 

Casper Dream:

Casper Dream: Was from $1,495 | now from $1,045 at Casper
Casper's current sale means you can take 30% off the Casper Dream, which is one of the best Casper mattress deals we've seen this year. This brings the price of a queen size mattress down to $1,305 (was $1,875) which is slightly higher than the Casper Original which it replaced but this mattress does have some extra perks that make it worth the extra dollars. 

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: SPECS

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Header Cell - Column 0 Leesa Sapira HybridCasper Dream Hybrid
Internal layers:FiveFour
Firmness (1-10)6.5/106/10
Trial: 100-night100-night
Warranty: 10-year10-year
Price bracket: Mid-rangeMid-range

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: PRICE & TRIAL

  • The Casper Dream is slightly cheaper than the Leesa Sapira 
  • The Leesa Sapira comes with an additional free bedding bundle
  • Both mattresses have a 100-night sleep trial & 10 year warranty 

Both Leesa and Casper run evergreen sales so you’ll never have to worry about paying full MSRP on either of these brands. When it comes to the Leesa Sapira we usually see tiered discounts from $150 up to $400 off MSRP, with larger discounts being applied during the bigger sales holidays - so this current 30% off is a pretty good deal. 

The mattress deals at Casper range between 10% and 30%, with the latter reserved for major sale events. So if you’re serious about upgrading to a Casper, capitalizing on today's 30% off mattress sale is your best bet. 

When at full MSRP the Leesa Sapira sits at a upper mid-range price point so the larger 30% discount brings this right down to the bottom end of the mid-range price. Currently, you can save up to $690 on a Leesa Sapira mattress, along with the additional perk of getting a free bedding bundle which includes two pillows and a sheet set. You also get a 100-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty and free shipping. 

There is a similar pricing structure at Casper. When at full MSRP it’s upper mid-range whilst the current savings of 30% take it right down to lower mid-range. At the moment you can save up to $570 on the Casper Dream and whilst there are no free bedding bundles included, there are some good deals to be had on bedding sets which you can add on to your basket when you’re ordering. 

Again, mirroring the Leesa Sapira, with the Casper Dream you get a 100-night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty and free shipping. Returns are free for both mattresses however, customers who live in Alaska and Hawaii will have to pay $100 fee to return their Leesa Sapira. 

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: MATERIALS & DESIGN

  • Both mattresses are hybrids featuring springs and foam
  • The Sapira has 6 layers, including two premium foam layers 
  • The Casper Dream has 5 layers, including breathable flex foam for cooling  

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is 11” deep and has a five-layer construction which starts with a breathable cool-knit cover and is then followed by 1.5” of cooling premium foam and then another 1.5” of contouring memory foam. There’s then a 1” of transition core support that sits on top of the 6” of individually wrapped springs with perimeter edge support before a final layer of 1” high-density base support foam. 

Leesa Sapira mattress

(Image credit: Leesa)

This is a good choice for hot sleepers but there is an option to upgrade to the Sapira Chill hybrid mattress which has an ultra-cool cover making it one of the best cooling mattresses we’ve come across. However, the comfort foam layer does have air channels so most hot sleepers will find the Leesa Sapira sleeps cool enough for their needs. 

The Casper Dream is slightly thicker at 12” but only has a four-layer construction. The cover is all about comfort and is a knit blend, then first real layer is Breathe Flex foam followed by a layer of align memory foam both of these work together for to create zoned support so the mattress will be firmer in the middle part where it’s needed the most. 

Next up there's a 6” layer of individually wrapped pocketed coils and a final layer of Casper Core foam for extra stability and support. There is no additional update with the Casper Dream but the top layer of Breathable foam does allow for extra airflow and matches the same cooling comfort as the Leesa Sapira. 

Both mattresses come in a range of sizes. The Leesa Sapira comes in six sizes ranging from Twin to Cal King. Whilst the Casper Dream is available in 7 sizes from Twin to Split King. 

Casper Dream exploding diagram

(Image credit: Casper)

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: COMFORT & SUPPORT

  • The Casper Dream suits all type of sleeper
  • The Leesa Sapira is suited to light-weight side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Both mattresses offer minimal motion transfer 

During our Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress review our tester found this mattress to be slightly more on the medium than medium-firm side. They also found this mattress to be super responsive and quickly sprang back to place once the weight lifts from the surface. As a result, his mattress is better suited to lightweight side sleepers or back sleepers as they’ll benefit the most from the enhanced pressure relief in the shoulders, back and hips. Stomach sleepers may find they sink into it a little too much. 

Leesa Sapira mattress in reviewer's bedroom

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The Casper Dream has a medium-firm tension and although it will suit all types of sleeper, back and stomach sleepers will find the ergonomic support especially comfortable. This mattress has zoned support to help keep the spine in perfect alignment with firmer foam in all the right places such as under the hips, waist and lower back. Side sleepers may also benefit from the softer feel at the shoulders which offer additional cradling. Sleepers who toss and turn a lot at night will also notice a difference in their sleep patterns as this mattress has just the right amount of bounce that makes moving around easier. 

Both of these mattresses come in just one firmness option, although sleepers will find that the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a little softer than the Casper Dream. The Leesa Sipira uses a pocketed coil system which heavier sleepers may find less supportive than the Casper Dream Hybrid which has a thicker coil base.  The zoned support also makes the Casper Dream Hybrid one of the best mattress for back pain

Both of these mattresses are a great choice for couples who don’t want to be disturbed by a restless parter. Although, the Casper Dream Hybrid does a slightly better job of absorbing any excess motion as it’s not quite as bouncy as the Leesa Sapira. The edge support on both of these mattresses is also comparable, although the Casper Dream Hybrid does take the lead as the thicker coil base and firmer foam encasement around the edge of the bed contribute to better support for those who like to sit or lie on the edge of the bed. 

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: TEMPERATURE REGULATION

  • Leesa Sapira has 1,000+ individually wrapped springs for superior airflow
  • Casper Dream has a layer of breathable flex foam 
  • Casper Dream thicker coil base has enhanced airflow

The foot of the Casper Dream Hybrid, the best Casper mattress for most people

(Image credit: Casper)

One of the downsides to some all foam mattresses is that they can sleep very hot. On the other hand, hybrid mattresses are a lot more breathable and better suited to hot sleepers. Both the Leesa Sapira Hybrid and the Casper Dream Hybrid excel at temperature regulation making them a good choice if you’re looking for a cooler night's sleeps.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid has a few elements that work together to keep it cool. There’s the breathable cover, a comfort foam layer with punctured air channels and a layer of spring coils that keep the air flowing through and stop excess heat from getting trapped. 

The Casper Dream also has a cozy knit cover which will help to wick away moisture and a breathable flex foam which has an open cell construction to keep that air flowing freely. The thicker coiled design also means that there’s most room for additional airflow so hot sleepers will feel super comfortable when sleeping on this mattress. 

Leesa Sapira Hybrid vs Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress if...

You're a side sleeper: Whilst the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress it is a little more on the softer side meaning side sleepers will enjoy the cushioning comfort that will provide adequate pressure relief. 

You want a premium mattress at a low price: Leesa offer regular sales meaning you’ll never pay full MSRP. These sales you can get your hands on a premium mattress like the Leesa Sapira at a more affordable price. 

You sleep warm: If you’re not a super hot sleeper but you do find yourself sometimes waking up feeling warm, the Leesa Sapira has good enough temperature regulation to keep you feeling cool. 

Buy the Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress if...

You sleep hot: The combination of a soft, knit cover and breathable flex foam alongside thick coil springs leaves this bed feeling super cool at night. It’s ideal for hot sleepers who want support but don’t want to overheat.  

You're a restless sleeper: If you toss and turn at night which often leads to a disruptive night’s sleep then you’ll love how responsive this mattress is. Moving around feels effortless so you can shift side to side without waking up once. It’s also great at absorbing motion so if you sleep with a restless parter you won’t feel when they shift position either. 

You need a sturdy edge: The Casper Dream Hybrid has great edge support thanks to the thicker coil base and the Casper core layer which has additional edge support. When you sit or lie close to the edge on this mattress you won’t feel as though you’re about to roll or tip off the edge. 

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