Bill Gates Murders Steve Ballmer on South Park, Sponsored by Xbox One

The next-generation video game console wars are heating up just a week before Black Friday, and Comedy Central's "South Park" wasted no time making a mockery of both events. The lewd comedy cartoon's latest episode is the last part of a two-episode special that showcases what the battle between PS4 and Xbox One would be like if it were fought "Game of Thrones" style.

The episode begins with death-prone mumbler Kenny, who is dressed up like a princess to mock "Game of Thrones" mainstay Daenerys Targaryen. Princess Kenny, as he's referred to throughout the episode, has betrayed his friends by choosing to buy a PS4 over Microsoft's Xbox One.

Meanwhile, a wizard hat-wearing Cartman is training his army of friends in combat to prepare for Black Friday Xbox One shopping. Troubled by Kenny's defection, Cartman reaches out to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for some help in the console wars. However, Ballmer insists on being a pacifist and shrugs off the PS4 conflict.

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Unfortunately, Ballmer's neutrality doesn't sit well with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who has the fictional version of Ballmer violently murdered in his office before starting an aggressive push for the Xbox One.

"There's only going to be one winner," said the fake Gates in the episode.

Gates then promises to a South Park news reporter that he will incite a Black Friday riot, which the reporter hopes will increase ratings.

"Let's not forget that having a bloodbath on Black Friday is good for us," said the reporter.

With the stage set for a massive Black Friday battle, the shopping holiday is suddenly delayed by none other than "Thrones" author George R. R. Martin. After finding out that only the first 100 people to show up to the mall on Dec. 6 will receive special deals, the horde of shoppers begins
attacking each other with weapons provided by Gates.

The episode was less about the impending console wars and more about people's sometimes-tragic obsession with Black Friday shopping. Here's to hoping everyone's real-life Black Friday is nowhere near as dark as the one that a fictional Bill Gates created. Oh, and Steve Ballmer, you might want to stay out of your office for a while.

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  • ethanolson
    I'm going to buy a lot more Microsoft stuff, now.
  • robochump
    Im actually liking what I see with the XBox1. More emphasis with home entertainment system is a real plus for me.
  • robochump
    Bah, hit enter too soon. Anyways in a real fight I dont think Gates can take on Ballmer mano e' mano because Ballmer looks like he can go buck wild. But I can see Gates using gadgets (ala Batman) to win.

    Just bummed I missed the episode. Catch it on-line somewhere :)
  • giovanni86
    Catch it on there website.
    I actually enjoyed this two part episode. Big BF fanatic every year, it's a wonderful time to see how we humans behave like animals when it comes to a mere few dollars to hundreds of dollars saved. I go for everything else no one cares about hah.
    The Black Friday episode was better. Part II was alright. I think it'll be a Four-Part episode, actually. I just think there has to be some sort of resolution as to which console turns out better which might take on an episode of itself. I somehow think there will be a battle between the PS4, XBOX One, and Elmo.
  • tobalaz
    I'm not a South Park person, but these last 2 episodes have been hysterical!
    Really, they're a must see for the console fanboys and Game of Thrones fanatics. I never thought those 2 tings mixed but SP pulls it off perfect!
    Really worth checking out.
  • knowom
    Black Friday riots with new console wars hits the nail on the head. I haven't watched South Park in years, but that's a perfect portrayal of what's wrong with these new console launches and what's wrong with how in store Black Friday sales have been handled.

    Don't be shocked if someone is trampled to death this Black Friday or if fights break out over these newly released consoles. Honestly these things should be launched first online then in stores, but these companies do want the free PR good or bad because any publicity is good publicity.