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Woman Tracks Down Club Attacker on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most convenient ways for people to stalk each other without the other party's knowledge of such activity. But did you also know that it can be a valuable do-it-yourself crime fighting tool?

Jennifer Wilson, 20, used Facebook to track down her attacker after she had a pint glass rammed into her face by Ashleigh Holliman, 22, in an unprovoked nightclub attack, reported the Telegraph.

Bouncers at the nightclub were unable to identify and detain Holliman. Police who were reviewing the CCTV records said that the video wasn't clear and that the evidence had already been cleared off from the dance floor by staff.

Wilson then took matters into her own hands by crawling through Facebook, looking at friends of friends, until she found a photograph of her attacker, Holliman.

Wilson was also able to find Holliman's address, but when police arrived at Holliman's door to find that she wasn't home, Wilson was able to further uncover Holliman's place of work. Police then arrested Holliman at work the next day.

Holliman admitted to her crime and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

''In the end I had to do the police's job for them and track this girl down on Facebook," said Wilson. ''This girl had just been glaring at me all night long and then all of a sudden I was dancing with friends and she slammed the glass into my face.

''She managed to escape but I recognised one of her friends and decided to try and track her down because I didn't deserve what she did to me.''

  • ecnovaec
    It had better have been an empty glass! Club beer is expensive!
  • cielmerlion
    Wow, good job.
  • Parrdacc
    ecnovaecIt had better have been an empty glass! Club beer is expensive!
    No excuse for alcohol abuse. Like you said club beer is expensive. So kids if your ever at a club and want to a bottle or glass to someone's face. Please finish the drink first:)
  • 08nwsula
    it was an "unprovoked" attack? Yea right. If someone you don't know blindsides you with a glass to the face, you're not going to be able to recognize them from facebook pictures.
  • tester24
    Were they dancing to smashmouth? Because if they were it would be ironic...
  • tipoo
    The next generation of pick-up lines.
  • blarmy
    Well done! and Holliman should be locked up for a month at least
  • tipoo
    blarmyWell done! and Holliman should be locked up for a month at leastIt says in the article that all she got was some community work hours.
  • kavic
    To tester24 wrong use for the word Irony, Irony is used when someone wants to convey something totally opposite of that they really would like to say. For example someone not wanting to work on the weekend and having to work on the weekend would be Ironic.

    and to 08nwsula some people can pick people out of a large group of people when they really don't know the person or have seen the person, but as the article says she noticed the woman glaring at her all night so I would assume that she was looking at the person and if it was me I would remember what someone looked liked if they where glaring at me for extended periods of time.

    Now the girl should have gotten more than community service at least a month in jail or have to go to a therapist as that girl has to have some issues if she attacks people for no reason.
  • Clintonio
    If she was in someones friends of friends network, it's almost certain they share some distant friendships, which may say that Holliman is jealous of some kind of relationship the other was holding? It would explain an unprovoked attack like that.