What's on Virgin Media? Imposters, The Walking Dead, Broad City and More


UPDATE: March 19 -We’ve revamped the whole list to refresh some choices and add/remove some others for March 2019. Check back again next month for more!

Virgin Media has close to 400 different channels of TVs and movies, plus on demand content and a few original shows of its own. Below is a small selection of good things that you can watch if you have a Virgin Media contract. If you don’t, and are curious about what Virgin Media can give, you can read our review here.

Don’t forget you can also add your Netflix subscription to your Virgin Media account, and access catch up TV services with it too. Check here for what’s good on Netflix UK right now, and here for the best of BBC iPlayer.

The Walking Dead

Credit: Entertainment OneCredit: Entertainment OneAll nine series of the post-zombie apocalypse drama can be watched on Virgin Media. The whole story of Rick Grimes, once a sheriff before the world fell into chaos, takes him through the state of Georgia with his family, friends and new allies, the group under continuous threat from the ‘walkers’ and other people who are prepared to do anything to survive.

The Reluctant Landlord

Romesh Ranganathan has inherited a pub from his late father, and is finding it to be more trouble than it’s worth. But his mother is keen for him to continue the family business, and Romesh’s family quite enjoys the pub too, complicating his efforts to pass the place on to somebody else.

Broad City

Credit: Comedy CentralCredit: Comedy CentralThis show, beginning life as a web series, is about a pair of friends looking to make it big in New York City. It’s a familiar formula, but executed well enough and with a few new elements from its female perspective on modern life that make Abbi and Illana’s story an enjoyable watch across all of its four completed series.

The Art of More

Art auctions are big business, and between the glamorous front-of-house operations and the shady deals struck in private, there’s plenty of dramatic potential for this show to explore over its two seasons. You might even learn a thing or two about art along the way.


Credit: FoxCredit: FoxDavid has dealt with his schizophrenia diagnosis since he was a child. However, this condition hides the fact that he is actually a powerful mutant, with both other mutants and the government trying to find him to learn more about his abilities. The two series of the show are actually part of the X-Men film series, which should give you a good idea of what’s at stake in the show.

The Mindy Project

The first four seasons of this comedy series can be viewed on Virgin Media. Mindy Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN doctor balancing work and life, which often involves the same people since her friends and love interests often happen to work in the same small doctor’s office.


Credit: FXCredit: FXDonald Glover’s comedy is as much about the city it’s set in as it is about the small cast of main characters trying to survive in it. You see many different sides of Atlanta as Earn, ‘Paper Boi’, Van and Darius try to find success and keep their relationships and lives together, both the serious as well as the outright bizarre.

Billy and Billie

The show’s a rom-com about the two titular characters. What makes it complicated is that they’re actually step-brother and sister. It only got 11 episodes made, but this one series, with a grounded style to contrast with the curious choice of premise is still worth your time.


Credit: NBCUniversal Television DistributionCredit: NBCUniversal Television DistributionOver this all too brief two season show, the victims of con artist Maddie Johnson find each other and try to figure out the mystery of this woman who entered their lives, married them, then disappeared with their valuables.