Freeview TV guide: what's on and when?

Freeview is a collection of around 70 channels available on any TV with an inbuilt or set-top digital router. You can also get it in the form of Freeview Play, which adds additional functions, but the main draw is the huge variety of entertainment for only the price of the device you’re watching it on.

2019 has now arrived, along with a large quantity of new shows. Here are some of the best for the coming week, viewable on loads of different smart devices and web browsers, or just on your normal TV.

Prison - Jan. 14, Channel 4

Credit: Channel 4

(Image credit: Channel 4)

Filmed inside HMP Durham, this documentary follows the inmates and guards over months of their lives. While previous episodes have covered drugs and mental health within the prison, this one looks into the violent behaviour of the inmates.

The River - Jan. 15, Channel 4

A new Norwegian crime drama. On the border between Norway and Russia, a young girl discovers a severed hand. A day later, she vanishes too. It’s up to the town’s newly arrived detective to get through to the reticent locals and start to solve the mystery.

Revolution in Ruins: The Hugo Chavez Story - Jan. 16, BBC Two

Credit: BBC

(Image credit: BBC)

Venezuela is currently in crisis, with a hyperinflating currency, a shortage of basic products, and its people fleeing the country in significant numbers. This is a long way from the hopes of a well functioning socialist nation that Hugo Chavez promised as he rose to power. This documentary explains what happened between Chavez’s election as president and the present day, almost six years since his death.

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The Monuments Men: Jan 17, More4

A film which tells the story of the real life WWII operation to try and secure important works of art before the German Army could acquire or destroy them. An army unit made of civilian cultural experts is created, but they face problems from not only their Nazi enemies, but the reluctance of their own troops to endanger themselves for paintings.

Armageddon -  Jan. 18, 5STAR

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

(Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

With an asteroid headed Earthwards, Nasa enlists a team of oil drillers to fly onto it and break it in half with a bomb before it approaches the planet. The team is urgently thrown into training, having precious little time to prepare before the predicted impact, knowing that their mission is near suicidal, but imperative for the survival of the human race.

Drake’s Royal Voyager - Jan. 19, Channel 5

The Golden Hind was the flagship of Sir Francis Drake’s fleet which circumnavigated the globe in the 16th Century. The long and storied history of the ship and its captain is examined in this programme, admirably illustrated by one of the replicas of the Hind, docked at Southwark in London.

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