Best Netflix UK Movies and TV Shows: 16 to Watch in December


It can be hard to keep track of what’s coming and going on Netflix, especially if Netflix itself doesn’t think to recommend certain genres to you based on your watch history. If you’re looking for some of the best things to watch across a range of categories, we’ve found the best movies and TV shows that are coming to the UK Netflix in December.

The Good Place - New episodes available

After a brief hiatus, the surreal comedy full of moral and philosophical questions has resumed its third series. We won’t spoil what’s been going on recently, but if you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop going to ‘The Good Place’ having lived a noble life on Earth before her untimely death. But the problem is: she’s the wrong Eleanor, and desperately tries to learn how to be good from her new friends in the afterlife.

Roma - Now Available

Credit:Participant Media, Esperanto FilmojCredit:Participant Media, Esperanto FilmojWritten, directed, produced, photographed and co-edited by Alfonso Cuarón, the Roma of the title is not the capital of Italy, but Colonia Roma, the neighbourhood of Mexico City where Cuarón grew up. This semi-autobiographical film is being distributed by Netflix after a short period at independent cinemas and considering the overwhelmingly positive reception, is quite a coup for the streaming giant.

Ash vs Evil Dead - Now Available

The first series of the zombie horror show has arrived on Netflix. A sequel to the Evil Dead films of the 1980s, Ash has managed to live a peaceful but unhappy life as a shop assistant. However, after inadvertently unleashing the same curse he’s been trying to avoid, he, along with his friends Pablo and Kelly, must once again take up arms against hordes of undead. We're glad to see this one on Netflix, as it was originally only available through Virgin Media.

Mowgli - Legend of the Jungle - Now available

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, The ImaginariumCredit: Warner Bros. Pictures, The ImaginariumDirected by Andy Serkis, who also plays several mocapped roles within it, this version of the original Jungle Book story by Rudyard Kipling aims for a darker tone, highlighting the dangers that Mowgli faces from the beasts that dwell alongside him in the jungle.

Russell Brand - Re:Birth - Now available

Brand is known for his flamboyant but unfiltered comedy, but since his last stand-up shows, he has married and had two daughters. This newest performance reflects on this new stage of his life, but still very much in his established style.

Wolf Creek - Now available

Before the TV series of the same name, came the film that inspired them. Three backpackers travelling across Australia cross paths with a particularly sadistic serial killer, and while the ensuing horror borrows from your average slasher film, it's smartly executed to make the tension consistently hair-raising.

The Big Lebowski - Now available

Credit: Working Title FilmsCredit: Working Title FilmsA Coen Brothers produced comedy about a bowling-loving slacker whose life gets rudely invaded by thugs trying to extort money from a wealthier man who happens to have the same name. Dude, if you haven't watched this before then you need to put it on immediately.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - 26 December

The second of the big Marvel ensemble films sees the superpowered alliance facing off against a robotic threat and finding new allies, but also turning on each other as they defend themselves against the power of the rogue AI Ultron.

Legally Blonde - 21 December

Reese Witherspoon’s famous performance as unlikely law student Elle Woods is the centrepiece of this comedy. After losing her boyfriend due to his career ambitions, Elle follows him to Harvard Law School to prove she can be both intelligent and a fashion enthusiast.

Sherlock Holmes - 15 December

Before the Cumberbatch/Freeman powered Sherlock, there was Guy Ritchie’s action movie spin on the classic Conan-Doyle mysteries, with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law as the leads in a Victorian London with far more explosions and slow-motion than you remember.

Silence of the Lambs - 31 December

Credit: Strong Heart/Demme ProductionCredit: Strong Heart/Demme ProductionSay goodbye to 2018 and your peace of mind simultaneously as you watch Jodie Foster try to work with Anthony Hopkin’s chilling performance of Hannibal Lecter to solve the case of a grisly serial killer.

Tim Minchin - So F**king Rock Live - 31 December

The Australian musical comedian’s 2008 show is made of the songs from his first two albums, concerning topics big and small, communicated through witty lyrics and skilled piano playing.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter's Tale - Now Available

After returning to screens with a reinvented image, Sabrina now gets a Christmas special to continue her adventure into the dark arts, witchcraft, and adolescent life.

The Casketeers - 21 December

Credit: Great Southern TelevisionCredit: Great Southern TelevisionIf you’re looking for some unusual factual content this Christmas, then consider this New Zealand documentary series covering a Maori funeral home.

Nailed It! Holiday - Now Available

Nailed It!, the cooking show where amateurs try their best to copy the cake baking talents of professionals, is also having a festive version released in time for Christmas. Expect season-appropriate cakes made with love and care, but perhaps lacking finesse.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Saturdays

After a mid-season break, the final series of Rebecca Bunch’s misadventures in life, work and romance returns to screens, with a new episode appearing every week until the end of the show.