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Verizon's BOGO Mother's Day Sale Includes iPhone X, Galaxy S9

Not every mom wants a new Fitbit for Mother's Day. For a gift that's a little more practical, and doesn't chastise her for not taking 10k steps every day, you could get her a new smartphone.

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Verizon is currently offering a BOGO sale on its best mainstream phones, from the iPhone 8 to the Galaxy S9. And the best part is that no trade-in is required. (Traditionally, carriers attract shoppers with tiered price cuts that offer the biggest savings only when you trade in current-gen phones).

For Apple fans, buy an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X and get $699 off towar=d the purchase of a second iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X. Since the credit maxes out at $699, technically only the iPhone 8 is a true BOGO deal. Pricier phones like the $999 iPhone X will get a $699 discount, which still amounts to an impressive price cut.   

On the Android front, Verizon is offering true BOGO deals on the Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel 2, and Moto Z Force.

In each case, the discount is provided as a bill credit which covers the cost of the device over the span of 24 months. That means the discount doesn't apply to upfront, one-time purchases. The discount is applicable to new and current users and requires a new line of service.