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Xbox 360 'Slim' CPU/GPU, Motherboard Leaked?

While Sony has made it standard practice to release a slimmer, lighter version of its PlayStation console in each of its three generations, Microsoft could be on the brink of its first.

Through various motherboard revisions, Microsoft has kept the form factor of the Xbox 360 nearly constant. Kotaku reports that supposedly leaked shots of a revised Xbox 360 motherboard have appeared on a Chinese forum and now point to what is potentially the first sign of an Xbox 360 'Slim'.

Most telling is what appears to be the integration of both the ATI-designed GPU and IBM-designed PowerPC CPU now in a single chip. Such a move would not only allow for a smaller footprint, but it would also drive up profits for the platform holder and also allow for price cuts to the consumer.

Perhaps coincidentally (or not), Microsoft has just posted a job listing looking for a Motherboard Design Engineer to work on the Xbox 360 team.