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How to Stop Push Notifications on Your iPhone

That little light that says you have a new message makes your heart beat a little faster, admit it. New email must be checked immediately and the more often it comes in the more often you get that rush. It’s not surprising that checking email eats up about a quarter of your day, according to a study from Microsoft. But what might surprise you is that it takes more than a minute to recover a train of thought after an email interruption. And, as if losing your focus wasn’t enough of a reason to back away from the constant email checks, when your iPhone is constantly seeking new messages to deliver to your inbox, it’s draining your battery life. Here’s how to stop the madness.

1. Turn off push notifications by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. Tap Fetch New Data.

3. Select Manual to get the best battery results.

4. Access new emails by opening your mail app and pulling down on the screen.

-- Written by Chris Null