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Snapfish Photo Calendar Review: Dead Average

Snapfish's photo calendar didn't excel at anything. Its photo reproduction was sometimes OK, sometimes poor. Its software had a lot of content and was quite flexible but wasn't feature-rich and was sometimes difficult to use.

Our Verdict

Snapfish's photo calendar didn't excel at anything. Its photo reproduction was sometimes OK, sometimes poor. Its software had a lot of content and was quite flexible but wasn't feature-rich and was sometimes difficult to use.


  • Templates, layouts and design pages are fully editable
  • Large libraries of content
  • Some complementary backgrounds for facing pages
  • Full control over the placement and orientation of page elements


  • No search engine for backgrounds or clip art
  • Some difficulty resizing photos
  • No bold or italics fonts, no drop shadow
  • Photo reproduction uneven and generally dull

There are a lot of calendar-creation services, some great and some bad. Snapfish falls right in the middle. Its software is serviceable but unexciting, and the printed calendar, while not the worst we've seen, was far from great.

Creating Your Calendar

Snapfish has more calendar templates than Amazon Print does, though not as many as Shutterfly or Mixbook. The templates and the nice selection of layouts were fully editable, so we could interactively add, delete, resize, reshape, move and rotate photos, text and clip art. In addition, regardless of what template we initially chose, we had access to a large collection of design pages pulled from the full template library.

Unfortunately, there's no search engine for the large libraries of backgrounds, design pages and clip art, which made it difficult for us to zero in on the elements we wanted for our calendar (such as fireworks). Snapfish has no drop shadows either. But unlike Amazon Print (which uses the same software), we could add borders to our Snapfish photos from a limited, fixed color palette with a slider to control the width of the line. The text tool also used a limited palette and had no bold or italic options.

When we added a designed background (as opposed to a solid color) to the photo page, most (but not all) automatically applied a complementary background to the calendar grid page. However, for those that didn't, our only option was a white calendar page, because we couldn't manually add a background to the grid.

We also had some difficulties functioning within the interface. For instance, when we resized a photo, the placeholder would often go blank, losing the photo, so we had to add the picture again. The photo zoom slider sometimes displayed very close to the placeholder's handles. This made it challenging to resize photos, and we instead often ended up zooming in on the picture by mistake.

The Printed Calendar  

Like our Amazon Prints calendar, our Snapfish calendar had no sparkle or zest. The cover photo was slightly better-focused and brighter than Amazon's, and there was a pleasant red overtone. But overall, the photo was was dull, with no real highlights and loss of detail in the shadows. By comparison, Mixbook's photos had generally more liveliness and tended to have better color, even though some were dark.

The interior pictures were not well-balanced. While some had nice color and OK exposure, others were sallow or muddy and dark. The type had messy edges.

The paper stock was of nice weight and identical to Amazon's, not the heavier quality of Shutterfly's, Apple's or Mixbook's calendars.

Price & Options

Snapfish has more calendar choices than Amazon Prints does. Our 11 x 8.5-inch Snapfish calendar cost $19.99, which was more than the same-size calendar from Amazon ($14.99) and the same price as the larger Apple book. A 14 x 11-inch Snapfish calendar was $34.99, and a 12 x 12-inch one was $27.99. We had the option of starting these 12-month calendars on any month from November 2017 to April 2018, with those dates set to adjust as time progresses. Other styles included desk calendars (starting at $9.99) and a 10 x 8-inch, single-sided calendar that sells for $19.99.

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Snapfish has a large selection of other photo products, including photo books, photo panels, journals, phone cases, bags, jewelry, folded cards, prints and posters.

Bottom Line

Snapfish's printed calendar had nothing that set it apart. While the software had large libraries of nice (not great) content and all elements were editable, this was essentially a middle-of-the-pack "also-ran." For a calendar with attractive, well-balanced photos and nice personalization, spend a few dollars more at Shutterfly. Or go with the more appealing, though uncustomizable Apple Photo calendar, which costs the same as the smaller Snapfish calendar.


Import photos from:  Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, your device
Templates & layouts: Fully editable
Backgrounds: Nice content, poorly organized
Clip art: Generally attractive clip art, poorly organized
Text: Customizable, but no bold or italics

Credit: Tom's Guide