Smartphone Madness 2016: Google Nexus 6P & 5X vs. BlackBerry Priv

Editor's Note: The people have spoken, and the BlackBerry Priv is rolling into the Final Four. BlackBerry's phone captured 73 percent of the vote to the 27 percent won by Google's Nexus 6P and 5X. Voting has begun in our final quarterfinal match-up, with the Final Four beginning on March 29.

Two Final Four slots are secured, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge joining the HTC One A9 in the semifinals of Smartphone Madness. Samsung’s phones move on after a hard-fought victory over the upstart Xiaomi 5, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge capturing 54 percent of your votes.

Today’s quarterfinal match-up offers an intriguing showdown between the company that built Android and the company that’s using Android to mount a comeback in the consumer space. The Nexus 6P and 5X from Google take on the BlackBerry Priv in the latest Smartphone Madness face-off.

Credit: Nick Bush / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Nick Bush / Tom's Guide)

Google’s phones barely escaped the first round, pulling out a narrow win over the Asus ZenFone 2 by a 52 to 48 percent margin. But today’s a new match-up, and Google hopes the one-two punch of the 6P’s battery life and the 5X’s attractive price tag will be enough to power it through to the Final Four.

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It won’t be easy for the Nexus phones, as BlackBerry brings a passionate fan base to Smartphone Madness year after year. Witness the Priv’s convincing win over the Sony Xperia X, in which BlackBerry’s phone cruised to victory with 79 percent of the vote. But the Priv’s popularity shouldn’t be surprising: Features like the slide-out keyboard and built-in security are in line with what’s helped the smartphone maker build such a devoted following.

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It’s a match-up that figures to go down to the wire, so get your votes in now. You’ve got until 9 a.m. ET tomorrow (March 26) to help the Nexus 6P and 5X or the BlackBerry Priv book a spot in the next round.

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  • Sanpace
    blackberry priv rocks my world
  • Lenin_
    Blackberry Priv!!!
  • BluTroll
    My wife was due for an upgrade and chose to go with the Nexus 5X. However within a week she was thoroughly dissatisfied and returned it. She paid the extra money to get the Priv and has been quite happy with it. Case closed.
  • jakjawagon
    I like the idea of the Nexus, but the camera-crashing bug on the Nexus 5 that went unpatched for over a year has left me unwilling to buy another one for myself.
  • 4ron
    Blackberry Priv gets my vote. Its ease of use and productivity features make it a great device. When is this website going to update its review and rating based on the numerous software updates?
  • Naresh Patil
    Out of these 3 Device, i would prefer to go for Nexus 6P as it has better specifications and features compared to other two phones (Nexus 5X and Blackberry Priv). The Nexus 6P is decently priced and comes with all the features, which a general buyer looks for.
  • Emidio
    Blackberry Priv!!!
  • Zad__
    BlackBerry Priv Rocks!!!!! \m/ <3
  • andyseny
    BB Priv. Awesome device.
  • Linda_09
    Blackberry Priv is the phone that has it all. All the Android apps plus the best security of Blackberry what more could you ask for.