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Simon Pegg Shrinks, Roasts Apple

We first enjoyed Simon Pegg's offbeat brand of British humor in Shaun of the Dead, a well-made comedy that pokes fun at the zombie apocalypse genre. We also enjoyed his take on Scotty in the new Star Trek movie. With such a resume, Pegg's hilarious roast of the iPad's size—with a heartfelt plea for an ambulance—only adds to our admiration.

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Above: "Hello? Ambulance? I'M SHRINKING!!!"

Thanks Nan! (Simon Pegg's tweet)

  • dman3k
    WOW... Celebrities with pictures of themselves and some kind of Apple product...

    What's next? Snapshots of Larry the Cable Guy listening to music on his iPod?
  • schwiing
    Boom, Roasted...
  • fr0stza
    Yet he still wasted his money buying one
  • dtemple
    I love articles like this that are only related to technology because someone is making fun of an electronic product. This was so informative and helps me make better decisions on what to buy and how to use the electronics I have. Thank you Tom's.
  • TomD_1
    I guess a negative apple artical is a change from all the positive ones we see....
  • pozaks
    You guys must be a load of fun at parties.
  • MCMunroe
    Wow, the readers who comment have sure been snarky lately. Some act like they had to read the artical as assigned reading and it's Toms fault.
  • megamanx00
  • timaeus
    Hahaha, half the comments are bashing the article, the other half are bashing the other comments. I'm gonna go grab some popcorn, this should be fun :P
  • martin0642
    I see what you did thar...