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Tech Myths: Boosting Reality

Signal Booster: Implements of Construction

Of course, loyal readers already know I’m a shameless caffeine junkie, so I opted for a can of Rockstar instead of Arizona. As if. Tea is for bed time. The biggest can I had on hand was a 16-ouncer, which I hoped would do the trick.

I also commandeered a can of nacho cheese Doritos from my kids. Unfortunately, the sides of the can were cardboard rather than tin or aluminum, but the can was lined with some sort of metallic substance, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Digging into the camp tool box, I found a pair of heavy duty scissors and a pair of pliers. Theoretically, you don’t even need the pliers, which will be used for bending back the can edges so no one accidentally gets cut. You just need a way to slice off the top of the can and half of its siding.

With half-charged BlackBerry and barely-charged Nokia on hand, we were ready to go.

(Note to Frito-Lay: How about boosting the reality of how many chips come in one of these cans? It’s only half-full when you open it!)