Samsung Unveils New 'Smart Control' TV Remote

Credit: SamsungCredit: SamsungTech giant Samsung has spilled the beans on one of its own products that it will be promoting at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas next week — the new 'Smart Control' remote. The remote has two improvements over last year's model. First, it abandons the traditional rectangular form for an oval shape that Samsung calls a "pebble-like design" and more ergonomic. Second, it features gesture control, allowing the user to move between menus by swinging the remote.

The Smart Control remote also has two major features returning from Samsung smart TV remote that was released last year. A microphone allows you to control the television via voice. It also has a touchpad, allowing you to swipe through menus, not unlike on a smartphone touchscreen. However, the touchpad's size has been reduced by over 80 percent to no longer dominate the remote like last year's model.

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Altogether, the Smart Control features four ways to interact with a Samsung television: buttons, touchpad, voice and gesture controls.

Previous models of Samsung's smart TV remote were bundled with the company's high-end televisions and sold separately for use with other Samsung TVs. The company has not yet released details about the pricing and availability of the Smart Control remote.

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  • Andres Galvan
    LG's Magic Remote for Smart TVs has had that shape since at least 2012. I purchased an LG 65 inch 3D LED Smart TV in August of 2012 and the packaged remote was very similar in shape.
  • remyj123
    The Tivo peanut remote is still the most usable. They place the play, ff, rw, and pause buttons around the rocket circle so one can do pretty much anything without looking at the remote and use it by feel, short of keying in a string of numbers. I wish others would follow that concept. Making the play, ff, rw, and pause buttons all the same size and in a row requires one to look at the remote to do any of those functions.
  • agnickolov
    Too bad Logitech abandoned the sector. Their Harmony remotes were the best...