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Samsung Finally Has an iMessage Killer on the Way

It's been a busy week for Samsung. First, the company announced that its acquiring car tech veteran Harman in order to better compete with Apple and Google on the connected car front. Now, Samsung has also revealed that it's picked up NewNet Communication Technologies, a messaging company that can help Samsung defeat iMessage envy once and for all.

NewNet provides Rich Communication Services (RCS) technologies, which is a platform that essentially allows your text conversations to be faster and filled with all types of cool multimedia. T-Mobile rolled out this functionality last year as part of its Advanced Messaging platform, which includes the ability to see when your friends are typing and send high-res photos up to 10MB, and it works on just about any phone.

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With NewNet under its belt, Samsung could potentially make this type of texting a standard across all of its smartphones.

According to a press release from Samsung, "consumers will benefit from an advanced messaging experience with features such as enhanced calling, group chat, and the ability to easily share and transfer large files including multimedia and high-resolution photos." The company says that this platform will work across any device, whether you have an RCS-enabled phone or an older handset that can only send standard SMS messages.

Apple's iMessage has created a bit of a social stigma for non-iPhone users. If you're on an Apple device, messages coming from non-iOS phones show up as green instead of blue, and you won't be able to see when your friend is typing or engage in a FaceTime video call like you would with a fellow iOS user.

However, if Samsung can provide a texting solution that's just as fast and robust as what Apple offers, that dreaded iMessage envy could someday be a thing of the past.

  • Daekar3
    Are there really any Android users that have iMessage envy? This seems like something invented by the Apple faithful. Does anyone actually care if their message show up a different color? Good grief.