Galaxy S10 May Ditch Samsung’s Frustratingly Curved Screens

Samsung's Galaxy S10 might abandon a feature some users and reviewers have criticized over the last few years.

Credit: Mobile Fun

(Image credit: Mobile Fun)

Online mobile accessory retailer Mobile Fun recently published a video claiming to depict screen protectors designed for Samsung's Galaxy S10 lineup. The screen protectors come from Olixar, a company that has been making cases and screen protectors for Samsung's devices for years. And while we can't confirm their accuracy, they show a big shift in Samsung's design choice.

Chiefly, the screen protectors suggest that Samsung could be nixing the curved edges that have been a part of its Galaxy S line since the Galaxy S6 Edge. That would be inline with other recent leaks that have clearly shown iPhones with flat screens instead of curved displays.

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It's unclear why Samsung, which has clung to the curved Galaxy S design for so long, has decided to change course now. It might be due to the company's desire to streamline software and not offer edge features. It might also be a way to save a few bucks on a device that's already expected to cost quite a bit. Some have also complained that items are hard to target with touch along the curved edges of Samsung's phones.

Whatever the case, the screen protectors clearly show a flat screen is in the offing. And perhaps just as importantly, they seem to confirm rumors that Samsung is planning a 6.4-inch screen for the Galaxy S10+ and will opt for a 6.1-inch screen in the standard Galaxy S10 model.

Of course, it's impossible to say for sure whether the screen protectors are real. While it's possible that Samsung provided early access to some of its accessories partners to get products on store shelves ahead of the smartphones' launch, it's also possible that Olixar is guessing here in anticipation of the launch and with a desire to be first to the market.

Still, there's increasing evidence that big changes are coming to the Galaxy S10. And it would appear that a pivot to a flat screen design is one of the more likely things we can expect when the devices are unveiled, which could be as early as Feb. 20.

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