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Forrester Explains The Post-PC Era

Forrester has published a report that sheds some light on this change in computing and explains what it means.

According to Forrester, it has been a buzzword for some time and it does not necessarily mean that PCs are dying. The market research firm believes, however, that computing landscape is shifting to what we could call the post-PC era. Analyst Sarah Rotman said that this shift is defined by a shift from stationary to ubiquitous computing, from formal to casual computing, from arms-length to intimate computing (which refers to the places we are using computers) and by abstracted to physical computing (which refers to touchscreen usage).

"So where is this all going? In the post-PC era, the “PC” is alive and well, but it morphs to support computing experiences that are increasingly ubiquitous, casual, intimate, and physical," Rotman wrote in a blog post. "The new MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9 demonstrate PCs going in this direction. In the post-PC era, PCs are joined by smartphones and tablets, as well as future devices like wearables and surfaces." The analyst envisions a range of new devices, many of which we have discussed in the past: Displays embedded eyeglasses or contact  lenses. Electronics-embedded clothing.

The bottom line? The PC is alive and well. It will just have to compete with new computing devices and find its place in a changing computing environment.