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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

HWShop4U USB/IDE Converter Offers No Power Supply To The Board

The cheapest way to link an IDE hard drive via USB must be this converter and dozens of identical no-name products (for example from Addonics). The tests with the HD-Tach benchmark showed that cheap does not have to mean junk. The drawback to this converter is the power supply to the hard drive. You have to set that up yourself. This also means that this solution is only useful in limited areas. This becomes a hopeless challenge especially with notebooks. A normal PC is bound to have a Molex plug free for the drive, but a notebook has no such thing. At 20 MB/s, the data transfer rate is still acceptable. But if you have to take the computer apart in the first place to get power to the hard drive, you may as well use the internal IDE interface. It manages twice that of the USB/IDE converter. And the price is unbeatable at about $13. However, the USB/IDE converter is largely incompatible with ATA devices such as CD or DVD drives.

Small but select. Unfortunately no power supply to the board

Almost invisible

Electricity has to be provided by the computer's power pack

Comparable values with the ARP adapter (click to enlarge)