17 Tips and Tricks for Instagram Power Users

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  • _Cubase_
    This whole "retro" thing is pretty much a late 00s, early 10s fad that will probably be looked back on with a facepalm in about 7 years. Out with the Emos, in with the Hipsters... what's next? I can only anticipate with palm and face at the ready!
  • glenricky
    Even some of the pictures are better without those filter
  • lancelot123
    Am I the only one hoping the Mayans are right?
  • killerclick
    Lol, Instagram power users. That's like hardcore Farmville players?
  • ibboard
    I agree with the advice on Pic 8 - Upgrade your camera. Get a real one. Take real pics. Use real photo-editing software (if you have to). Upload to site of your choice.
  • seroism
    It appears the only way Instagram is any good to any one is if you get a bunch of OTHER apps and filters and make the pictures look better. Makes me wonder why even bother with Instagram if you can just use Facebook to upload 'filtered' pictures with the other apps.

  • hoofhearted
    Angry Birds Professional League?