8 (Android) Wear OS Watches to Buy and Avoid

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  • frederickhanneman70
    There could be more spesifics on what each wrist wacthdoes that makes it better than the others or each one's doing
  • cyberstraz2
    So you recommend later versions (Gen 3) of the Fossil, but detail specs and review link to the 2nd gen - while also saying that they're markedly worse than later iterations. Yep, this site is a waste of time for anyone looking for useful information. I'll just stick to Tom's Hardware. This guide is for the lost.
  • len.owensjr478
    The where OS is not bad everything is great except for the speaker you can't hear your calls or anyone talkin unless the room is absolutely quiet so I had to take mine back and kept the old style one that requires a SIM card and memory card it may be limited technologically wise but the speakers pretty loud you can hear your calls and you can hear the people talking
  • ridhimasane
    these are seems to be some good sort of smart watches that you shared which gives good idea about the same. Thank you for sharing this list.
  • Korey_4
    This is something I hate to admit. The Apple Watch 4 is the one smart watch I want...and I hate iOS.
  • brianloveskerri
    It is tough seeing "1 Day" on the battery life. I know this is what the Apple Watch averages...but the Galaxy Watch, despite being on Tizen, can't be ignored. It gets 3-4 days on the 46mm version and it handles notifications and responding to them far better than I ever expected. Sure, you lose some of the tight integration with Android, namely Google Assistant, Maps and don't get a preview of what a Nest Hello saw. But if battery life and superior health tracking is what you need, Galaxy Watch has to be given a chance. And I'm a WearOS fan... :)
  • bilyyjones
    Frankly Speaking the apple works great on this year smart watch even i like anroid smart watches but in this year apple nailed it