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Paygr: Market Yourself, Get Paid

Well wonder no more thanks to Paygr, the new internet marketplace that allows users to sell and purchase personal services and expertise.

In a brutal economic situation and a job market that is easy to fall out of but not so easy to get in, Paygr offers a great way for users to showcase their talents and do the things they love. The best part? They can even determine how much they get paid. Hoping to officially launch in six to eight weeks, Paygr will build a strong community of sellers and buyers that can be reviewed and rated in order to guarantee the best possible experience.

Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester, founders of Paygr, began development of the site in September 2010. Working closely with Paypal and its services, Damphousse and Ballester expanded on Craigslist's "For Sale" style ads and wanted to create something more reliable and less anonymous.

Although the cut isn't 100% determined yet, the founders stated that Paygr will be taking approximately 5% of each transaction. 

Hoping to set itself apart from the competition, Paygr has high hopes of the social aspect of the website allowing you to build trustworthy relationships with the people selling and purchasing services. Check out the website's trailer below for more information.