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OnePlus 5 Camera Could Be This Epic

Talk over the OnePlus 5 camera has been running rampant of late, and now there's another report on exactly what it might offer.

Photo: Sam Rutherford / Tom's Guide

Photo: Sam Rutherford / Tom's Guide

The folks over at True-Tech this weekend obtained images of what a source says is the OnePlus 5's dual-camera array in action. The first image shows a full-color depiction of an outdoor setting. However, another shows a monochrome version of a full-color picture, suggesting the handset will ship with a monochrome sensor.

The OnePlus 5 camera has been the subject of major debate. Some reports have suggested that it would offer just a single lens, but those have been quickly brushed aside for reports that say a dual-lens camera is planned. However, those reports have differed on whether the handset would come with a vertically or horizontally aligned dual-lens camera. The latest reports suggest it'll be horizontal.



Also up for debate is whether the dual-lens array will offer a monochrome sensor. The feature allows for more interesting and dramatic images, but isn't always offered in a dual-lens device. If the True-Tech source is correct, however, it appears it's coming to the OnePlus 5.

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In addition, the source told True-Tech that the dual camera will have a 16-megapixel sensor and f/1.8 aperture.

For the most part, OnePlus has left its plans for the handset to the rumor mill. The company has, however, dropped some hints about a dual-lens camera. Qualcomm has already announced that the OnePlus 5 will come with the Snapdragon 835, the same processor you'd find in Samsung's Galaxy S8.

Aside from that, rumors suggest the OnePlus 5 could come with a 5.5-inch, flat screen that sits above a fingerprint sensor. OnePlus is reportedly planning to unveil the Android-based smartphone around June 15, but it hasn't said when the device might ultimately launch. While there were some reports that the OnePlus 5 would cost between $450 and $500, newer reports now say OnePlus is planning to sell it at a price that's closer to the $750 Galaxy S8 to show parity between the devices.

Look for much more on the OnePlus 5 as we get closer to its rumored unveiling.

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