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New Nokia Phone Leaks With No Notch, No Camera Hole

Nokia might be working on a new smartphone that doesn't come with two key features we expect from nearly all of 2019's major handsets.

Credit: Android Headlines

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

The device, which was leaked on Weibo and previously reported on by Android Headlines, features thin bezels all around, except on the bottom where it's chunkier and clearly shows the Nokia logo. Most importantly, the smartphone design ditches a notch at the top. Most surprisingly, though, it also doesn't come with a pinhole for a camera on the front. In fact, it appears as though there isn't actually a front-facing camera on the device at all.

Some who have seen the picture speculated that the camera might have been moved to the bottom bezel, but it's hard to tell from the picture whether there's indeed a lens there.

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On the rear, the phone again features the Nokia logo. There's also a triple-camera array on the back and a flash. The only visible physical buttons are along the sides, where you can turn the device on and off and adjust volume.

If the image is real, it would suggest that this is an as-yet announced Nokia handset. And images of the software in Mandarin suggests the device will launch in China, for sure. Whether it'll come to the U.S. and other markets is unknown.

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