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iPad Merged with BMW, Mercedes-Benz Designs

The iPad is the fastest accepted new technology yet, and helping that face is Apple's tablet is finding its way into places in other places outside of consumers' hands.

German luxury car makers Mercedes-Benz and BMW are offering iPad integration into their vehicles a factory-option. While it's not hard for an aftermarket shop to some how integrate an iPad into the car and supply it with some power, it's an entirely different attitude when the carmaker does it for you from the factory.

Autospies has pictures of BMW's display at the Paris Auto Show, showing a headrest attachment for the iPad that integrates the charging cable into the driver and passenger seats.

Not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated a similar apparatus at the very same Paris Auto Show, reports BenzInsider. The design of the headrest attachment is slightly different, as is the bracket that holds the iPad. The installation of the iPad "docking station" into an S-Class takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and Mercedes says that the whole set up still adheres to the manufacturer's safety standards.

Still, nothing beats this Applefied luxury machine from Brabus.