LG G8 Arrives April 11: Here's Where to Buy It

If you're interested in the LG G8 ThinQ, the latest flagship phone from LG, wireless carriers are giving you plenty of choices when it comes to paying for the new device.

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Want the lowest price for buying the phone outright? Head to T-Mobile. Want your monthly payment to be as low as possible? Consider Sprint. And Verizon has a trio of offers that could mean big savings, if you meet all the requirements, while AT&T is offering a free phone to customers who open a new line of service.

LG G8: What's New and Different?

The LG G8 ThinQ debuted last month at Mobile World Congress. In addition to the Snapdragon 855 — which has helped the Galaxy S10 deliver record-setting performance for an Android device — LG's 6.1-inch phone boasts 3D facial recognition, gesture-based controls and a Crystal Sound OLED which effectively turns the G8's display into a speaker. You get two rear cameras on the G8, similar to the G7's setup, but LG has added a Night View feature for improved low-light photography. The G8 costs $820, though prices vary from carrier to carrier.

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This isn't a phone capable of taking advantage of 5G networking and its faster data speeds. That would be LG's other upcoming phone, the V50 ThinQ, which launches later this spring.

As for the LG G8 that's hitting stores on April 11 pre-orders begin as soon as tomorrow (March 29) depending on which carrier you're buying from. Here's a closer look at who's offering the LG G8 ThinQ and what you can expect to pay.

LG G8 at T-Mobile: The lowest overall price

If you prefer buying your phone outright, head to the Uncarrier for the G8. T-Mobile is knocking $200 off the listed price of the G8, selling LG's latest phone for $620. If you buy the G8 in installments, you'll pay $25.84 a month over 24 months with no money down.

LG G8 ThinQ

T-Mobile is offering additional savings in the form of bill credits if you trade in a qualifying phone or open a new line on an installment plan. In that case, you get up to half off the monthly payments, which will be applied as credits to your bill. Phones getting the maximum $310 discount include the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Galaxy S8 and later, Galaxy Note 8, the LG G7, the LG V30 and 30+, the Pixel and Pixel 2 plus their XL versions, and the OnePlus 6T. Older phones qualify for smaller bill credits.

T-Mobile starts taking orders for the LG G8 on April 5. The phone arrives at T-Mobile on April 12.

LG G8 at Sprint: A low monthly payment

Sprint will join AT&T as the first carriers to start taking orders for the LG G8, with pre-orders beginning (March 29). The LG G8 hits Sprint's stores on April 12. You can also get a low monthly payment from Sprint, so long as you agree to the carrier's Sprint Flex lease agreement and open a new line with the carrier.

LG G8 ThinQ

Meet those requirements, and you'll pay $15 a month for the LG G8 over 18 months. (At the end of that lease period, you can either pay off the remaining balance on the phone to buy it outright or switch to a new model.) That's a $20 savings off of Sprint's regular monthly payment for the LG G8. The phone costs $840 if you buy it outright at Sprint.

Sprint is offering a $150 prepaid MasterCard if you buy at least $75 in accessories. And families who switch to Sprint will get their third, fourth and fifth lines of service for free for the next year. (Pricing reverts back to Sprint's standard rate of $20 per line for lines three, four and five as of June 30, 2020 under this offer.)

LG G8 at Verizon: Plenty of deals

Verizon's LG G8 pricing is fairly straightforward. Buying the phone outright from Big Red will cost you $840. That breaks down to $35 a month for 24 months under Verizon's payment plans.

Verizon starts taking G8 orders on Monday (April 1), with the phone launching on April 11, a day earlier than when it arrives at Sprint and T-Mobile.

LG G8 ThinQ

Switchers have the opportunity to save on that price, though. Customers adding a new line can get up to $450 off when they trade in their current phone. (Existing customers who are just upgrading their phone can get up to $200 off with a trade-in.) Verizon hasn't specified which models qualify for the maximum credit, but it's safe to assume that the newer the phone, the higher the trade-in value. Those credits are applied to your bill in monthly chunks.

Switchers who buy their G8 on an installment plan are eligible for a $200 prepaid MasterCard. You can also save $350 in bill credits on the G8 when you buy the phone on an installment plan and activate a new line of service. Verizon notes that all of these offers can be combined, so that you can max out on the savings.

LG G8 at AT&T: Free with conditions

The LG G8 will cost $830 at AT&T, and you can buy the phone in installments with one of the carrier's AT&T Next plans, which spreads out payments over 30 months. In that instance, you'll have a monthly payment of $27.67 for the LG G8.

LG G8 ThinQ

AT&T is offering a free G8, but you'll need to open a new line of service and buy the phone on an installment plan. You'll also need to opt for one of AT&T's data plans that costs a minimum of $50 per month. The discount comes in the form of bill credits spread out over 30 months.

Like Sprint, AT&T starts taking pre-orders on the G8 tomorrow (March 29) and promises that the phone will be in your hands in five business days after you order. The phone hits AT&T's stores on April 12.

Other LG G8 options

LG also says you'll be able to buy the phone through Xfinity Mobile and regional carrier U.S. Cellular. Retailers Best Buy and B&H will sell the G8 as well.

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