LG 4K OLED TV Will Set You Back $9,000

LG revealed a host of promising 4K TVs at last month's Consumer Electronics Show, but top-of-the-line features don't come cheap. Today (Feb. 26), LG announced pricing for its ultra-high-definition LCD and OLED television sets, and while there's arguably something to fit most price ranges, the really good stuff will cost about nine grand.

An LG press release provided prices for 12 of its upcoming TV models. They range from about $1,400 to about $9,000, and include everything from 4K LED models to LG's anticipated newest UHD OLED television. Where to buy each model and when they come out vary, but the most current information is available at LG's website.

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First and foremost, LG will be selling its 65-inch 4K OLED TV, the 65EG9600, for $8,999. As the name suggests, this curved TV comes with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, which displays very deep blacks and extremely vivid colors. Like all other LG TVs in 2015, it will run on the webOS 2.0 smart TV software for accessing online streaming services. In addition, it's equipped to stream content from 4K sources like Netflix and YouTube right out of the box.

Also worth noting are LG's Prime UHD TVs. Instead of OLED screens, these LED-LCDs use quantum dot technology, which is supposed to deliver similar color quality on a much cheaper screen. A 65-inch Prime TV will cost $4,499, while a 55-inch version will retail for $3,699.

The company also has plans for 3D UHD TVs ($2,999 to $3,199), and lower-priced UHD LED TVs ($1,399 to $3,999). LG also announced that it will continue to sell its 1080p OLED TV ($3,499).

Although these LG TVs are hardly cheap, the prices are considerably less than its closest competitors. No other major TV manufacturer offers OLED TVs, other than Samsung's one 55-inch HD model from last year so the $8,999 price tag on the 65EG9600 is very much a take-it-or-leave-it affair.

The Prime UHD TV, though, is comparable to Samsung's new SUHD TVs and Sony's 4K models. A 65-inch Sony TV costs $6,999. Samsung has not yet announced SUHD pricing, but analysts expect a 65-inch model to cost around $6,000.

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