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Vidyo Demos Video Conferencing for the Kindle Fire

Called VidyoMobile, the software is now available with support for Android 2.2 to 4.0 as well as Apple's iOS. Vidyo its multipoint video conferencing on Amazon's Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet/ereader solution, last night at the CES: Showstoppers event. The HD version for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was demonstrated on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone.

"Easy-to-use, universal business-to-business communication is the holy grail of enterprise video conferencing," said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Vidyo.

"Traditionally, the challenge has been interoperability among companies who use different video conferencing vendors and endpoint devices. Vidyo's software based approach offers a solution to this problem by providing high definition video conferencing over a multitude of off the shelf devices and interoperability with legacy systems."

Vidyo is among the pioneers of mainstream telepresence solutions, a topic that captured huge interest in 2010 but has cooled significantly in 2011. There is still interest in enterprise solution, but the consumer market, which Vidyo is targeting with the Kindle Fire, suffers from the fact that many consumers do not feel comfortable using a voice chat feature in combination with a video camera.

Mobile telepresence has been pioneered by virtual telepresence providers such as Mingleverse, which used avatars instead of actual video, but things have been rather quiet in the Mingleverse lately and we haven't received any update from the company in more than a year. Facebook's visual chat is also not quite the success it was cracked up to be.

Multi-point video conferencing, personal telepresence, or visual calling - all of which refer to a similar concept - has not quite resonated with consumers and mainstream businesses yet. The mobile version of personal telepresence is believed to be the holy grail of this market segment and there is the hope that people would want to attend meetings remotely, while traveling for business or working from home.