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John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum: Tickets Available Now!

John Wick's next — and apparently final — assignment is on its way, and not only do we have trailers, but we've learned a lot about the film so far, including its release date and new additions to its cast. Oh, and tickets just went on sale, details below.


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The first two chapters of the John Wick franchise — which placed Keanu Reeves in the role of a hitman fighting for his freedom in a complex underground world of assassins — found so much success at the box office that we're getting John Wick Chapter 3. While we're still a ways from its release, we've still learned which actors will return, a little bit about Mr. Wick's latest enemy and where the film will take place.

Here's everything we know about the next John Wick movie:

Let me watch the John Wick 3 trailers!

We've got multiple trailers for John Wick 3 and we couldn't be more excited. The first trailer, below, features a haunting rendition of "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)," Mr. Wick is asked if he expects to make it out, reminding audiences that Keanu's character is shooting on borrowed time.

In the second trailer, found below, we get to see more of Halle Berry (yes, Halle Berry), as she and a dog find creative ways to handle baddies. We also meet Zero (Mark Dacascos), the big baddie of the film.

What's John Wick Chapter 3's release date? And what about tickets?

The @JohnWickMovie twitter account confirmed the once-rumored May 17, 2019 release date:

On April 15, tickets went on sale for John Wick's final ride. Various ticket-sellers are including a digital download of John Wick or John Wick: Chapter Two with your purchase.

What's John Wick Chapter 3's plot?

Chapter 3 is likely the end of the John Wick trilogy, as director Chad Stahelski told Slashfilm that he sees the trilogy as a complete story, and that this is likely the definitive end to that narrative.

Hiroyuki Sanada (The Wolverine, Avengers 4) has been cast as a Japanese crime boss, but it appears Mark Dacasos is portraying the film's main villain, Zero.


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Who's directing John Wick Chapter 3?

Chad Stahelski, the co-director of the first chapter of the John Wick franchise, who ran the second chapter on his own, is now officially on board for the third film. This news first came up on ThatHashtagShow and was confirmed by Collider.

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Who's in the cast of John Wick Chapter 3?

Aside from producer/star Keanu Reeves, expect John Leguizamo (Aurelio), Lance Reddick (Charon) and Ian McShane (Winston) to reprise their roles. This is according to an Slashfilm interview with Stahelski. ThatHashtagShow reports that Common (Cassian), Laurence Fishburne (The Bowery King) and Ruby Rose (Ares) are also slated to return.

Chapter 3 is adding more than a few new faces, as The Hollywood Reporter announced that Halle Berry will be in the third chapter. The @JohnWickOfficial twitter account announced that Asia Kate Dillon (as the Adjudicator), Anjelica Huston (as The Director), Mark Dacascos (as Zero) and Jason Mantzoukas (as Tick Tock Man) will also appear. Huston's character is named The Director

No word on if John Wick will still have a dog in this chapter, but if he does, we hope the pup makes it to the end credits.

Where will John Wick Chapter 3 take place?

Much like in previous chapters, New York appears to be a main location for Mr. Wick's latest wild ride. The film will also shoot in Montreal, though that's expected to be dressed up as New York, just as in Chapter 2. Stahleski has stated an interest in ending the series in New York.

Other locations, such as Russia and Spain have been floated and made it to the rumor mill, but are labelled more as "potential" and not certain. Mr. Reeves, who's not just a star but a producer, has stated an interest in the film taking place in Tokyo, Japan and Jerusalem.

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