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Stupid Thief Uploads Pictures of Self from Stolen iPhone

Katy was on a cruise onboard the Disney Wonder back in April when her iPhone was stolen. The phone was not lost, but quite apparently stolen as the thief began taking pictures documenting his life on the cruise ship. Katy found out because he forgot to turn off the iCloud photo stream and the pictures went straight to Katy's iCloud account.

She used the opportunity to create a Facebook photo album to publish the pictures. "Stolen iPhone Adventures" reveal that Nelson, the alleged thief, is a crew member of the Disney Wonder, and show some of his friends and crewmates during partying and rather private moments. Katy's album has gone viral and had been shared more than 13,700 times at the time of this writing.

The photos enabled her to provide the pictures to Disney and she said that she hopes that she will get back her phone soon. Meanwhile, Nelson has been put on administrative leave.