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Gadget Seller Beware: We Try Glyde Before iPad 3 Launch

Selling A Used Phone

I am now two-for-two when it comes to selling used iPhones: both sales were bumpy experiences, but thankfully, I was made whole in the end, even if I did have to raise a little hell.

There has been an explosion in companies offering to buy used electronics for resale. You can make some pretty good money, depending in the relative obsolescence of the gear and its condition. These companies include Gazelle, FlipSwap, NextWorth, YouRenew and Secure Trade-In.

My first experience was documented here, when I sold my iPhone 3G after upgrading to the iPhone 4. The buying company, FlipSwap, had knocked the price of my iPhone down from $139.65 to $26.16, claiming that my phone was damaged and not in as good a shape as I had claimed.

I raised hell with them over this allegation, as the phone had always been in a hard plastic case with a screen protector. They came back with the claim that the photos they had taken as proof of its condition had disappeared, so they would pay me in full. I didn't buy it at the time but was happy to get my check, even if it took months.