iPad Spy Software Snoops on Email, History

Apple has approved spy software for its iPad? Apparently not, or at least, not in the case of Retina-X Studios' iPad Mobile Spy software. According to the company, its Mobile Spy app is now available for purchase directly from its website, allowing employers, parents, suspecting spouses, and other users to secretly view email messages, browser history, and other information found on the device. The software even retrieves deleted browser histories and email as well.

"Mobile Spy runs in total stealth mode and no mentions of the program are shown inside the iPad," the company said. "After the software is set up on the device, it silently records the contents of all emails sent or received. The software also records web addresses visited in Safari and any contact added to the iPad's contacts list."

Once the software logs activities, the information is uploaded to the user's private account online. If there's no Internet connection, the software will still keep tabs on activity until the connection is restored. Accounts can be accessed through any browser without having to use the iPad.

The catch with Mobile Spy is that it requires a jailbroken iPad. This fact is surprising given that the company is addressing businesses and families with the software's launch, promoting the ability to monitor employees and teens. Although the general market might take the bait, it's highly unlikely the enterprise sector will jailbreak the iPad just to install non-Apple software.

Mobile Spy is available for other platforms as well including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. Consumers are required to pay a hefty $99.97 yearly fee for the software and monitoring service.

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