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iPad 2 Mock-Up Spotted Ahead of Today's Launch

This is allegedly the iPad 2 that Apple is going to launch in just a matter of hours. MIC Gadget has found an entire gallery of what they’re calling "the most realistic mock up" we'll get before we see the actual device is announced later today. As you can see from the photos, which were found on Chinese gadget site DGtle, it's got the same tapered edges that can be found on the iPod touch, is slimmer than the current model and boasts that heavily-rumored large speaker on the rear.

Engadget points out that the model and FCC numbers on the back of this supposed mock-up match the model and FCC numbers of the original Apple TV and WiFi-only iPad, respectively. It's possible these are just place holders thrown on for the sake of having some kind of model numbers present on the mock-up. iPad 2 is rumored to have two cameras, one for photo-capture and one for video conferencing. A smaller, thinner, lighter body has also been reported, along with more RAM, a faster processor and a radio with the ability to switch from CDMA to GSM.

Only a little over an hour to go before we actually find out, so sit tight.

Head on over to DGtle to see the full gallery.

  • N.Broekhuijsen
    Too bad it still has the Apple logo on it, and their sh*tty OS
  • xbeaterToo bad it still has the Apple logo on it, and their sh*tty OS
    You're funny.
  • mavroxur
    *yawn* still a crappy closed platform apple product.
  • squanto
    If I give them anything, it is their aesthetic hardware design. They are very skilled at getting stuff into thin packages even if the hardware is less than exiting.
  • icemunk
    mavroxur*yawn* still a crappy closed platform apple product.
    Yup, if I wanted a closed platform I would move to China thanks.
  • andrewpmathias

    Why wait for the announcement, head on over to They have it up on their website.
  • robochump
    This is not the actual iPad 2. Nice try though. True Apple iPad is closed platform but that is what makes it more stable. Not perfect but still better than the competition!
  • hardcore_gamer
    Android..anyone ?
  • mayankleoboy1
    is anyone else thinking too thin?