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Buy an HTC Vive, Get a Free VR-Ready Graphics Card

The HTC Vive is our favorite virtual reality headset on the market. Priced at $799, it's not cheap. (Especially in light of recent price cuts). Moreover, it requires a fairly high-end PC with a VR-friendly video card. Fortunately, Newegg is picking up part of the tab by bundling the HTC Vive with the Gigabyte Radeon RX 480, a $185 graphics card built for VR experiences.

HTC Vive VR Headset + Radeon RX 480 Video CardView Deal

The RX 480 was designed to seamlessly plug-and-play with the HTC Vive. It features AMD Liquid VR technology, which reduces unwanted processing latency and delivers consistent frame rates. This helps create the smoothest VR experience possible.

As for the headset, one of its major selling points is its ability to deliver VR experiences with room tracking. That means that instead of being confined to your chair, Vive owners can walk around their home and get up close and personal with their virtual environment. To allow for this level of interaction, the Vive comes with intuitive wireless controllers and two base stations, the latter of which flood your room with invisible infrared light using LED and laser emitters. The resulting lights are then picked up by photo sensors placed on the Vive headset. The end result is a VR experience that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Newegg's offer is valid through Monday.