How to Play as Pink Mercy in Overwatch

In an effort to combat breast cancer, Blizzard has released a special pink charity skin for Overwatch healer character Mercy that’s only available for a limited time.

Credit: Blizzard

(Image credit: Blizzard)

To access the skin on PC, you have to purchase it directly from Blizzard’s charity link here. For consoles, you must purchase it from either the Xbox or Playstation store, which can be accessed here. It will be available to purchase until May 21.

The skin costs $15 and, while that may seem steep, 100 percent of the purchases will be donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Blizzard guaranteed a minimum donation of $250,000, and will disclose the full amount of the donation once the campaign is over. The Pink Mercy skin is bound by account and platform, so you'll have to repurchase the skin if you want it on a different platform.

The charity skin transforms Mercy’s original wings into dark steel daggers that glow pink when she flies. She wears a pink-ribbon themed dress paired with pink and metallic leggings. Her hair is blonde and slightly parted to the left in pigtails. Mercy’s Caduceus Staff is also adorned with ribbons and a metallic circle hovering above it. Once it folds up, the circle raises and the pink wings of the weapon align just under it. Toward the bottom is another ribbon accent that opens and closes the staff with a diamond shape in between.

The Pink Mercy skin is available now through May 21. Don’t miss your chance to battle breast cancer with a cool Overwatch skin.

Rami Tabari
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