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Get the Stylish Garmin Vivomove for Just $80

Finding a cheap, fitness tracker isn't always an easy task. However, Amazon is currently slashing the price of the Garmin Vivomove Classic to $79.99.

That undercuts most retailers, including Garmin, by a whopping $120.

Garmin Vivomove ClassicView Deal

Although the Vivomove Classic looks like a traditional timepiece, it sports the DNA of a fitness tracker with the ability to track your activity and sleep in the background. A small black "activity" bar on the left side of the watch face displays how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal. Meanwhile, a red "move" bar, shown on the opposite side, builds with every 15 minutes of inactivity. When the bar is completely red, it means it's time to take a walk. 

With the push of the watch's crown, you can wirelessly transfer your day's info to any mobile device. The watch can also connect with other Bluetooth and ANT+ capable devices.

The Vivomove doesn't require weekly charging. Instead, it houses a 1-year user replaceable battery. If you have small hands or wrists, the watch's large face may look odd; otherwise, this is a solid fitness tracker that can double as your everyday watch.