Galaxy S10 Storage: Here Are Your Options

Samsung is getting serious about storage with the Galaxy S10. The 5.8-inch S10e, 6.1-inch S10 and 6.4-inch S10+ all start with 128GB as standard. That’s a big step up from the 64GB base storage in last year’s Galaxy S9 lineup.

Better yet, owners are free to expand upon the included storage with the use of a microSD card, up to 512GB in size. Here’s how the Galaxy S10’s storage options differ across models, as well as how much each one will cost.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Storage optionsPrices
Galaxy S10e128GB, 256GB$749, $849
Galaxy S10128GB, 512GB$899, $1149
Galaxy S10+128GB, 512GB, 1TB$999, $1249, $1599

Breaking it all down

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The $749 Galaxy S10e comes with 128GB of storage, but you can also upgrade to 256GB. The S10e is the only Galaxy S10 variant to offer 256GB aside from the 5G version of the phone (more on that later). A 256GB S10e will set you back $849 — $100 more than the base 128GB version. Note that the 128GB model features 6GB of RAM, while the 256GB one is paired with 8GB RAM, like on the 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch devices.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ start at $899 and $999 respectively for 128GB. Rather than offering 256GB as an upgrade, these devices go straight to 512GB for an added $250. As with many of Samsung’s handsets over the years, customers will be able to add microSD cards up to 512GB in size for even more space for media and apps. Stuff one of those cards into an S10 or S10+ with 512GB built in, and you’re looking at 1TB of total capacity.

Additionally, the S10+ offers a 1TB option with a whopping 12GB of RAM. That’s easily more storage and memory than any other phone on the market, even including the McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T and its 10GB of RAM. The 1TB S10+ will cost a whopping $1599, and like the 512GB model of the 6.4-inch handset, it exclusively be sold in either Ceramic White or Ceramic Black.

What about the Galaxy S10 5G?

The 6.7-inch Galaxy S10 5G won’t be available on March 8 like the other versions of Samsung’s new phone. Instead, Samsung is saving the 5G model’s release for closer to the middle of the year, when carriers will light up their 5G networks.

When it does go on sale, the S10 5G will carry 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Samsung isn’t saying that it will sell any other configurations at this time, which is quite odd, because the smaller, LTE-only S10+ will be available with significantly more capacity and memory.

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