Get a Free Google Home Mini with This Spotify Deal

If you're in the market for a Google Home Mini you're in luck, thanks to Spotify

The company has announced that it is giving away the puck-sized smart speakers to a group of new and existing users. Specifically, to any users who have the Spotify Premium for Family plan. 

The fun begins today, and goes all the way to Dec. 31. You can sign up for Premium for Family on Spotify's website, or in the app. If you're already a customer, you can claim your free one on Spotify's website

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Premium For Family is $14.99 per month. So even if you only sign up for a month, you'll get the Google Home Mini, which is usually $49, at a huge discount.

However, some families actually may want to keep the plan. With a Google Home Mini, you can set Spotify as your default music provider, and can request your tracks and playlist via voice command. 

Google Assistant, which powers the Google Home Mini, is also able to recognize the voices of up to six family members. This means your kids won't have to listen to you boring, old music: Google can hear that it's them making the request, and play music they prefer. 

There's never been a cheaper way to get a smart speaker, so go claim yours today. 

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