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Apple Gets Beaten by Nexus One in HTML5, Flash

There's been some preaching going on that HTML5 is the future and that Adobe's Flash is just old hat.

A lot of that talk is from the Apple camp, with its iOS devices not supporting Flash but rather urging sites to go HTML5, but with all modern browsers boasting HTML5 support with hardware acceleration, the new web standard is pretty compelling.

Adobe, however, would like to point out that HTML5 isn't always the better solution for mobile devices. In a demonstration on a new iPod touch and Nexus One, Adobe shows that its Flash 10.1 on the Android Marketplace is capable of better performance.

In an animation demo, the devices scored:

  • HTML5 Canvas on iPod touch: 24fps
  • HTML5 Canvas on Nexus One: 40fps
  • Flash Player 10.1 on Nexus One: 57fps

Of course, what wasn't tested was the effect on the processors and battery life, but if you're looking for smoothness, don't count Flash out.