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Bank Worker Fired Over Facebook Post

After multiple posts such as, "I speak for myself when I say 'WoOOOOooooOooooHOoooOooOoo' it was pretty damn obvious something like this was coming," and

Credit: Cnet

(Image credit: Cnet)

"It was not unexpected. I've just hung on by my fingertips to stick around long enough for a nice payout when they could've had me out long ago without a penny! More fool them! Haha! Xx,"

Royal Bank of Scotland ex-employee, Katie Furlong, was fired and denied the joyful payout she had been blissfully posting about. If you are wondering how many more employees will be fired before they realize how important keeping their Facebook profiles private is, then great minds think alike.

Now, Furlong is suing the bank for the payoff that she had been hoping for.

Chris Matyszczyk of Cnet captured a screenshot of a Katie Furlong that we're assuming might just be brought up in any future legal arrangements.

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