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Facebook Messenger Picks Your Fave Friends, Adds Emojis

Facebook announced today that it has added an update to the Messenger app that will "make it simpler and easier to find what you want" when using the app to keep up conversations.

The update isn't huge you'll still see a chronological list of your most recent messages at the top of your home screen, but what follows is a new Favorites section that indicates the people you message most frequently. Granted, Facebook's predictive abilities have been wrong in the past (flashback to every time an unsavory memory appeared at the top of your homepage, asking to be shared). Thankfully, you can opt to "hide" any favorite contacts that may now be your not-so-favorites, or hide the entire section.

Underneath Favorites you'll find an Active Now section, telling you who is online at that moment. According to Facebook's announcement, "maybe that will prompt you to say hi!" You will also be able to view your friends' birthdays within the app, reminding you to send well-wishes.


Messenger also announced the addition of new emojis, which are essentially just stylized versions of the classic emoji keyboard, readily available within the Messenger app alongside the already popular stickers, GIF keyboard and photo sharing icons.

These changes are just the start. Facebook is in the process of making much bigger changes. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Messenger has given developers access to a beta platform that will allow them to create artificial intelligence bots that can deliver notifications, consumer services and even targeted ads.