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Forget LinkedIn: Facebook Could Find Your Next Job

Facebook may have LinkedIn in its sights. The social network confirmed to TechCrunch yesterday (Nov. 7) that it has been experimenting with letting employers post job listings on their own Facebook business pages. TechCrunch queried Facebook after it noticed job-listing options on its own Facebook business page, including fields for salary, job title and full-time or part-time status.

Credit: aslysun / Shutterstock

(Image credit: aslysun / Shutterstock)

Interested job candidates will be able to hit an "apply now" button that will pre-populate fields with information from their own Facebook profiles. Employers will get a Facebook Messages for each submitted application.

This all makes sense, as many Facebook users have extensive employment information attached to their personal profiles. (However, there's no hint of a corresponding professional section for Facebook personal pages that would approximate a LinkedIn profile.) It would also make it easy for recruiters to give applicants a cursory social media once-over. Add in Facebook's healthy advertising platform, and the job-listings feature may have some serious reach to pinpoint potential employees.

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According to LinkedIn's own numbers, it has 467 million users, while Facebook claims more than 1 billion. If the Facebook job-listings feature takes hold, LinkedIn could be in trouble. Yet some Facebook users may be resistant to tying up work and play. Otherwise, they'll have to be extremely careful about posting photos of drinking and partying and status updates that include political diatribes and crude jokes.

Microsoft acquired Linkedin for $26.2 billion earlier this year.

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