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Donate to Charities While Playing Farmville

Since it's introduction, Facebook app creator Zynga has been providing hours of entertainment to millions of Facebook users worldwide in the forms of managing virtual farms, online poker, adopting a mafia persona and much more.

By introducing virtual items purchasable with real money, Zynga has been pulling in a hefty amount of revenue over the past two years. In addition to adding virtual items in its games, Zynga has experimented with donations to charity.

Despite their good intentions, Zynga came under heavy scrutiny due to the fact that they were keeping up to 50% of the donations. Critics argue that Zynga takes advantage of tragedies such as the Haiti earthquake, by appealing to charitable users and keeping a portion of their donations.

Although it is unsure how much Zynga took from the campaign, the charity event they created for Haiti raised $1.5 million dollars to build a new school.

Zynga hasn't confirmed officially, but Techcrunch reports Zynga will no longer be taking a portion of donations.

One thing Zynga has commented on is that they will be launching another charity campaign in Farmville early December supporting the UCSF Children's Hospital Challenge for Charity.