Disney Will Let You Pilot the Millennium Falcon in VR

Ever dream of taking the Millennium Falcon for a spin? Well you might just get your wish -- sort of. At Disney's recent Disneyland 60 event, Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo) revealed a snippet of video showing off a new virtual reality ride that will allow the "Star Wars"-faithful to get in the cockpit and pilot the iconic vessel.

The yet-to-be-named ride will be part of a larger Star Wars expansion at Walt Disney Resorts. When it launches some time this year in the company's California and Florida locations, fans will be thrust into a battle with the First Order, the new antagonists from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But this won't be some namby-pamby rail shooter; according to Ford, you'll actually be flying the Falcon, "banking left, right [and] firing the laser cannons."

In addition to letting you blast the First Order out of the sky, Disney will offer a separate experience in which you'll be dropped into the middle of a Rebel battle. Back in the real world, the new expansion will feature famous locales from the movies populated by a number of aliens and droids. There will even be Star Wars-themed cuisine.

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All I know is, if the VR is anywhere near as good as the Millennium Falcon Experience currently featured in the Oculus Store, I'm excited to take my turn in a galaxy far, far away.

Source: VRFocus

Sherri L. Smith

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